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x32 rack.PNG

Behringer X32 Rack


  • 40 Inputs

  • 25-Bus digital mixing console 

  • 32 Programmable Midas pre amps 

  • 32 Channel audio interface  

  • Ipad/Iphone remote control 

  • 7" Main display 

  • 100 Band EQ


With the X32 Rack, you're getting all of the features of the prized Behringer X32 mixer, all wrapped up in a convenient, rack-friendly housing. This comprehensive mixer serves in studios as well as live venues when working with computers, iPads and iPhones, setting you up with 40 input channels, 16 programmable Midas preamps and a tilting 5-inch colour screen for optimal ease of use.

The power of the X32 lies in the set of full adjustable Midas preamps integrated into each channel that deliver a now-renowned level of performance. On top of that, a small mountain of professional-grade effects and simulations of well-known equipment has been included and can be applied to channels at the push of a buttons, while various effect slots can be programmed and combined, amounting to a mass of audio tweaking options. If you need to expand the number of inputs even further, a snake cable can be hooked up via the Klark Teknik AES50 port, completing an intelligent and adaptable mixer for fixed installations and on location.

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