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robe 300e spot.jpg

Robe Robin 300e Spot


  • Phillips MSD Gold 300/2 Metal halide lamp

  • Ultra fast electronic zoom and focusing

  • 10°- 40° electronic zoom

  • CMY+CTO color mixing 

  • Colour wheel with 7 colours

  • Wheel with 7 rotating gobos

  • Wheel with 9 fixed gobos

  • Gobo morphing

  • 1 indexable rotating prisms (3-facet)

  • Iris

  • Variable frost filter for soft-edge projection

  • High precision dimmer and stop-strobe effect

  • Quick pan and tilt movements

  • Touch screen menu

  • DMX512 / Art-Net / RDM / MA-Net / MA-Net2

  • Hot spot control (Hot or not)

robe colour.PNG
robe gobo.PNG


fixed 300e.PNG

Onboard is a package of specially designed modular features including a large 10° – 40° zoom, CMY+CTO, static and rotating gobo wheels, colour wheel, frost, iris and many more.


ROBIN® 300E Spot light is a neat, punchy profile fixture with superior functions such as a large linear zoom and dynamic hot-spot control, ideal for a wide range of applications.

A full package of rotating and static gobos plus full CMY+CTO and colour wheels give a standard base for any show. Advanced features like variable frost, linear iris, rotating prism and speedy mechanical shutters provide subtle and detailed in-tuning.

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